Neighborhood Issues


Chestnut Street Townhouse Development

Six lots in the area between Chestnut Street and Dale Drive along Route 7 (Leesburg Pike) have been proposed for redevelopment. The original plans for this area included 72 townhomes on just under six acres. 
A task force of Falls Hill and Highland View residents has been working on opposing this development. Issues raised include: increased storm water runoff, unsafe pedestrian crossing of Route 7 for access to Metro, loss of trees, density issues such as additional students in schools and added traffic and noise. They have created a web site.

Update (May 2012)
According to an email from the Task Force, the original plan has been withdrawn. The landowners have agreed to work an alternative that would add Sam's Farm to the area to be developed and reduce the density.

Update (April 2013)

The area including the Chestnut Street development is being considered for rezoning.  It is part of an area designated as a Transit Development Area (TDA) because of its proximity to the Metro station.  The issue is whether this is still valid.  Here is a link to the rezoning staff report that explains the matter in plain language and gives some background.


The Mosaic District is progressing. It is expected to open new retail this fall, including a Target, an 8-screen theater, and restaurants. Roads are to be connected to existing arteries to improve traffic flow. It is to have several distinct areas, as shown in their web site.

The intersection of Gallows Road and Lee Highway (Route 29) is nearing completion. Information about this project, as well as some photographs, can be found here.

I-495 HOT Lanes

The HOT Lanes project (High Occupancy/Toll) is now referred to as the 495 Express Lanes, according to the VDOT web site.  It involves the creation of toll lanes in the center of I-495 between Springfield and the Dulles Toll Road. According for Supervisor Smyth, the completion date of December 21 looks realistic. There will be variable tolls, which will be displayed on large signs. An EZPass will be required to use it. 

Tripp's Run

Flooding issues in the area prompted a proposal by the county to create a holding pond on Poplar Heights Recreation Association property. This generated considerable neighborhood protest and the county took several years to consider other options with input from the communities. The realignment of Tripp's Run was one of the resulting projects.

This is to be done in two phases. The contract for Phase 1, from Shreve Road to the bend in the stream, should have been let by May, and the start date is to be September 4, the day after Labor Day, when the pool season ends. It should take from two to three months to complete.

Update (October 2012)

The long awaited project to restore and realign Tripps Run is about to begin. All the approvals have been acquired and the Notice to proceed has been issued to the contractor - Environmental Quality Resources. The project began at the end of October.  Construction will begin on the Rounsevell's property, proceed across Buckelew to Poplar Heights Recreation Association (PHRA) property and then continue to the bend at Poplar Drive. It will end just before the creek proceeds past the back of homes between Poplar Drive and Kennedy Street.  The project will take 3-4 months to complete.

A construction notification letter prepared by the Fairfax County Stormwater Planning Division that was mailed to residents whose homes are adjacent to the project activities can be found here. A map that show the construction area and the project limits is here.

This week the contractor began installing orange fencing that defines the Limits of Disturbance (the areas impacted by the construction) and the tree protection areas.  The next steps after that will be maintenance of traffic signage, equipment delivery, installation of construction entrances, and construction. Two temporary construction entrances will be built - one off Buckelew Drive by the entranceway to the PHRA pool and the other on Shreve Road west of Buckelew Drive.

The project is being implemented to reduce further stream bank erosion, improve water quality, and maintain existing infrastructure. Construction will include installation of grade control and habitat improvement structures within the stream channel, stream bank grading, storm water outfall stabilization, and installation of native vegetation.

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact Justin Pistore, the project manager for Fairfax County by phone at 703-324-5685 or by e-mail:

You can also contact Steve Lester, chairman of the Poplar Heights Civic Association's Stormwater Action Committee at 703-698-6209 or at:

Update (April 2013)

 The work on Tripps Run is complete.  In the process, the bridge over the stream was removed but will be replaced by the pool.  PHRA has requested a grant for the rebuilding of the bridge, and PHCA has written a letter in their support.