Saturday, April 2, 2011

Put Yourself on the Map!

The neighborhood yard sale is fast approaching! The Poplar Heights Civic Association will advertise the event -- steering yard sale junkies to the map below.

View Poplar Heights Yard Sale 4/30/2011 in a larger map

If you want to add your address to this map and participate in the bargain hunting feeding frenzy, click here! We hope to see you on April 30th!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Poplar Heights Yard Sale: Register Now!

Calling all Poplar Heights residents! Are you planning to participate in the neighborhood-wide yard sale on April 30th? It's a great opportunity to clear out some clutter, earn a little cash, and meet and mingle with your neighbors.

There are many advantages to participating in the neighborhood yard sale -- PHCA will take out newspaper ads, post signs in public locations, and promote locations online with an interactive map. More yard sale shoppers means more sales and higher prices!

If you are planning to participate, please click the link below to register your location. We'll take it the advertising effort from there! All you have to do is set out your goods on the morning of April 30th and start haggling!

(Note, the neighborhood association will not publish your email address or phone number, that's for our "organizing" purposes only.)
Register Your Yard Sale
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Annual PHCA & friends - Neighborhood Yard Sale

Saturday, April 30, 2011.
Thus far, PHCA, Westwood park and Highland Estates are on board. All families are welcome
The CAs will buy newspaper ads and have signs to post around the neighborhoods
Last year over 50 families participated, up and down Shreve Road, between I66 and West Street, some netting over $200.
Shortly, as in past years we will create a map on Google of all selling addresses, a real boon to craigslist, and print advertising.
or check back here as the event approaches.


Saturday, February 19, 2011


I thought the following would be useful.  ---Keith

Hello -  The Supervisor wants you to be aware of the below information and tips that VDOT has provided to assist them in their snow removal efforts –

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is responsible for snow removal and road repairs for public roads in Fairfax County.  VDOT has a new customer service center and can be reached at 1-800-367-ROAD (7623) or   Following are some of VDOT’s snow and ice helpful hints and what you can do to help:

1. Stay off the roads the best you can…….packed snow and ice is hard to remove and if you stay in, it helps us get our mainlines and secondary’s complete so we can move into subdivisions.
2. Remove your vehicles from the street or designate parking on a side so we can effectively plow.
3. When our plows come through we are going to fill in your driveway…….shovel to the right coming out of garage and know that our plows always push to the right. I also will dig out a 10 foot area to the left as well to avoid a re-fill when we come through.
4. We are pre-staging more equipment this year…..please don’t assume that the truck you see sitting is not working or on stand-by.
5. When possible assign one community leader to make the calls for their HOA…….we are consumed with calls and often numerous per street. This would help reaction times and call-backs.
6. We are not taking complaints until the area manager notifies that the subdivision is 90% complete….. Then our call centers will begin logging complaints and reporting them to the area headquarters.
7. We perform anti-icing on many bridges and main routes like Braddock and 123. Those are the white lines you see on our roadways. You’ll see this prior to possible events.
8. So each community knows, Fairfax has added nearly 600 more trucks to help plow…this will help response times. Our goal is to have at least one truck assigned to a subdivision from the onset of a major event.
9. We have also added more eyes on the road……this year we have added more monitors to help supervise our hired equipment both on the main roads and many subdivisions.
10. What kind of service should you expect? We plan for a less than 2 inch storm and above a 2 inch storm. When the storm is small (less than 2 inches) we only treat (with sand) the hotspots within the community. Mostly these are hills, major curves or intersections. Our staff has identified these areas and treats them accordingly. Once we have 2 inches or more you will see a truck assigned to your subdivision and more to come once we finish other priorities. We have been through each subdivision in Fairfax and rated each one based on size, difficulty, and the numbers of difficult areas within the subdivision. We also considered schools and other community essentials when rating as well.
11. In major events heavy equipment is called in and the process slows down drastically. This equipment doesn’t move snow and ice as fast. Please be patient.

Deborah J. Wisoff
Senior Administrative Aide
Supervisor Smyth's Office
Providence District
703-698-4820 Direct
FAX 703-207-3541

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wanted! Block Captains

The Poplar Heights Civic Association has recently redefined its boundaries, and we need a few good women and men to step up and serve as block captains in the newly served areas.

What does being a block captain entail? Block captains distribute our newsletter to your neighbors, to cut down on postage costs, distribute yard signs for the annual yard sale, and related tasks like these. It's really up to you to put as much into the role as you like, but we look to you to be a point of contact for your street - a bridge between your neighbors and the PHCA.

Currently, we need volunteers for:
  • Fowler & Sewell Streets
  • Kennedy Street
  • Patricia Court & Moon Drive
  • Sigmona and Pinewood
  • Shreve Road
To volunteer, contact our secretary, Keith Callahan:

Association Personnel News

Adam Piceno has stepped down as president of the Poplar Heights Civic Association in October of 2010. Vice President Bob Shook has taken over the role, effective January 22, 2011.

To get in touch with Bob, write

Welcome to Our New Website!

The Poplar Heights Civic Association has a new webmaster and new website. Thanks to Suzanne LeMenstrel for carrying out this responsibility for many years!

The new webmaster is Eric Eckl, who bought a house on Tower Street with his wife in December of 2009. Eric runs an environmental communication company,  a marketing agency that specializes in nonprofit clients.
One of our new website features is a membership sign up form! If you need to join the association or renew your membership, please click here. And if you aren't sure if you are in the area we serve, please check our updated neighborhood boundary map.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thank You!

We have received your message. Somebody from the Poplar Heights Civic Association will be in touch with you soon.